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Dr Bill McGraw has 27 years experience working in various fields of aquaculture and specializes in zero water exchange aquaculture systems which are disease free and have a positive impact on the environment. He has lived and worked in 5 countries, written many business plans, consulted to many industries and designed and managed aquaculture production systems that set world records in biomass per unit volume (2008, shrimp biomass 9.75 kg/m3 at 26.6 g average size and 5.2 kg/m3 at 67 g). More recently, research into mercury toxicity, documenting the coral bleaching in every reef system in Panama and the first in the world to grow the Pacific spiny lobster, Panuliris gracilis, in a zero water exchange system in Boquete, Panama at 5 kg/m3.

Aquaculture Investment Seminar by Dr. Bill McGraw

April 7

11 am to 1 pm, (EST)

This seminar will take a look at a practical and facts-based approach to understanding the variables that are important and common in aquaculture projects, both commercial and pilot stage, that have contributed to success and sustainability. In addition, Dr Bill will discuss a few research papers that actually examine the factors that are pertinent in creating profitability for aquaculture companies. He will elucidate the decisions that current successful aquaculture ventures made, that allowed them to become sustainable on multiple levels. If you are an entrepreneur who is just starting out, or a person who has dabbled in aquaculture and not sure what works, or even a serious investor who as tried aquaculture and failed and wants to try again, then you can't afford to miss this seminar. 

Please contact Dr Bill McGraw via email if you have questions

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